Last week I went for mostly the big things I’m thankful for. Today, it’s the little things.

* happy hour tonight with my college sorority sisters. Happy hour scheduled today for next Wed with my coworkers.
*speaking of happy hours, I’m thankful for beer/wine/cocktails! Some nights they just make it all better!
*books! I love getting new ones even if they’re used from PBS or the library. My TBR stack is piling up with The Hunger Games, The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes, & The Friday night Knitting Club up next after I finish South of Broad.
*Tastefully Simple stuff. I received a box full of the goodies I’d purchased from two weeks ago. I made a little of the Fiesta Dip last night (3 tsp Fiesta mix, 2 tbsp mayo, 6 tbsp plain yogurt (I subbed that for sour cream). It was so good on my sandwich & with veggies!
*Laura Mercier mascara. I forgot to put it on this morning until I went to the bathroom at 10. I look so weird {to me} without it. My coworkers at Amy’s birthday break didn’t even notice though.