I was going to add these photos from last weekend to one of the posts below, but then I thought they were cute enough for a post of their own! Enjoy! Bocce, the white Bichon, is my grandparents very spoiled only child. Quinn {named after Quinn in Glee} is a French Bulldog that belongs to my brother & his fiance. Quinn is used to being around other dogs & lives with two cats.

Quinn likes to sit on my dad’s lap. Then Bocce would get jealous/curious & jump up. Quinn would be like ok cool. Bocce would then freak out & bark/growl. Trying to take these photos was difficult! You can tell Quinn’s pretty laid back but my dad was having to hold Bocce! And both were getting distracted!

Bocce & Pawpaw’s usual rutine includes a lot of naps in the below chair. Bocce finally realized it was ok for Quinn to join them, but only if Quinn stayed on Pawpaw’s legs down.

Bocce loves drinking the condensation off bottles. When Dad finished his beer, he held it out to Bocce who {with help from Dad} proceeded to hold it in his paws & “drink” it! LOL!