We spent Thanksgiving in Charlotte this year. We celebrated the holiday with my mom’s side of the family. We ate an amazing Thanksgiving buffett at Cypress. Mom was able to get an apartment for us to stay which searved as our gathering spot. We celebrated birthdays and played a lot of games ~ uno, Mexican Train Dominos & Left, Right, Center. My brother was the overall game winner for the weekend. It was very nice getting together with everyone and was fairly drama free!
Its a busy & pretty rough year for my mom’s parents and her sisters. Ma fell and broke her hip last January. She had surgery, went to a rehabilitation center & tried to relearn to walk which didn’t work very well so now she is in a rehabilitation/nursing home within my grandfather’s retirement community. Mom, her sisters, & I tried to be there as much as possible over the last year to give my grandfather & grandmother a break.
At this point, I’ve gotten used to how Ma is now and get excited to see her & how she interacts with us. Mom & I hung out with her at a couple of meals and a “work out” session. It was wheelchair pilates. The vast majority of older people lifted their legs a lil, clapped and stretched; Mom & I did the same but full out & we got sweaty!! Ma’s left leg which she fell on does move well but we got her to move her arms & kick her right leg.
But seeing my brother & cousin see her for probably the first time in a year was pretty sad. It made me realize how much really had changed since last year when we were all together at Ocean Isle; running around shopping etc. I know aging happens and my brother & I have been very lucky to have four grandparents our whole lives, but I’m not ready to lose any of them yet! For now, I hope to spend as much time with my family as possible and be grateful for the blessing of family.