Super quick update & I promise to write all about it later, but we wanted to introduce you to Zachary Layne & Lucy Elizabeth. And hopefully this explains my MIA status on the blog. I didn’t take any photos Sunday or Monday, so what’s below are from my cell Tuesday. My husband {@real_jayb} & I are trying to tweet photos when we can.

Zach, as we call him, was born Monday 5/21 at 2:59am via vag delivery. He weighed 4 lbs 3 oz (1900 kg) & was 18 inches long. I just got a quick view of his feet & head & heard the sweetest cry before he was whisked from the OR to the NICU.

The secondary breech extraction we were all expecting didn’t happen as Miss Lucy had her own idea. As soon as Zachary was out, she flipped head down. And had no desire to leave her now roomier inside home. Eight & a half hours after her ‘big’ brother, I pushed Lucy out at 11:27a. She was 6 lbs even & 20 inches long! I was able to hold her for a minute in the room before she too went to the NICU.

They’re in the NICU side by side & doing well. I was discharged from hospital Wednesday evening & we spent all day today by their beds loving on them.

I’ve been typing up a birth story when I can. Its a long one that might end up as a couple posts!