So there’s no longer two of us in my marriage. There’s the husband. Me. And then The Belly. Yes, at this point, it’s like a third person {well I guess really a third & fourth person technically}.

We refer to it separately in conversation. As in “The Belly just moved the pot handle on the stove”. Or “move forward a step so The Belly can walk behind you”. Or most frequently to my husband’s dismay, “move over in bed, The Belly needs more space”.

The Belly pops out of most of my sleeping shirts to make sure it’s presence is known throughout the night & in the morning. {guess I need to get a few maternity tanks since my normal tanks & Ts are no longer cutting it}

I say good night & give The Belly a rub before I fall asleep, just like I do for the husband. And I’ve caught the husband giving The Belly pats & hugs in the middle of the night or as he’s waking up.

And we’re not even going to go there in regards to other marital activities that The Belly is literally in the middle of…

I now keep my keyboard closer because The Belly doesn’t like to be leaned on. Thanks to The Belly, I sit in my work chair differently {more upright & legs more spread apart}.

The Belly is beginning to make a good little table. I can prop a book on it to read or a cookie to go along with my late night ice cream snack.

I think The Belly situation is hilarious. I can’t wait to see how much bigger it grows in the next 12-14 weeks! I’ll be sure to keep y’all posted on what The Belly does next!