I’ve been on a Diana Gabaldon kick recently gearing up for the sixth & final Outlander book which I’m still waiting on from the library. I’ve read I believe everything else she has written now since I finished Lord John & the Hand of Devils Monday night. I realized I’m pretty short of my goal of 50 books in 09 so I wanted to start something else.
I’d recently received The Glass Castle from PaperBackSwap. I’d requested it after hearing others recommend it. Its also a different read for me being a memoir instead of fiction. Let’s just say I couldn’t put it down~ I read the whole book Monday after work! I loved how the writer told the story of her life in a way that made you feel like you’d been there yet not in a self-pity type of way. I can’t believe she & her brother & sisters not only survived but have thrived & become normal & successful adults based on the way the grew up. It is easy to forgot that not everyone has things as good as I do/have had and it was good for me to read this and realize this again especially this holiday season. I’m so thankful for my family & the life I’ve been so blessed to have. I’m not sure what else she has written, but I’d love to read more from her.
Next up fro my Christmas holiday week reading: Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets, Hoot (ya’ll know I can’t resist an owl book!) by Carl Hiaasen, and The Curious Incident of the dog in the might-time by Mark Haddon.