Different friends & family have been recommending The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins to be for years. You know I love Suzannes {:)} & enjoy a young adult series {hello, I’m looking at you Twilight & Harry Potter}. I’d requested & received it from the library a couple times & then wish listed & received it from paperbackswap {I got tired of paying the library overdue fees for it}. But the premise for The Hunger Games kept holding me back. Futuristic North America that’s a dictatorship other country. That this dictatorship punishes the 12 districts every year by forcing them to send in two teenagers in a fight-to-the-death match televised nationwide then celebrate the one of murdered/outlasted everyone else? Sounded too much for me.

I needed a break though from thought-filled book club books & TTC stress, so a couple weeks ago I took off to the pool by myself on a sunny Sunday.  Four hours & almost 200 pages later, I was hooked. Suzanne does such a great job with the story & characters that Katniss felt like a friend. I’d suspended all my disbeliefs and felt like I was part of Penam feeling the struggle & the highs along with Prim & Gale & Peeta & Haymitch.

You might’ve seen my FB message asking for the second in the series, Catching Fire. I finished The Hunger Games by Tuesday night & wanted needed to know what happens next. Thankfully my brother & sister-in-law-to-be own all three & brought the book to my parents’ house so that it was waiting for me when I arrived Friday night. Yep, you guessed it. I’m already 150 pages in & you’ll get a Catching Fire review soon. Put aside your doubts & go read The Hunger Games now.