I don’t brag much here on the husband, or maybe not even talk about him enough. But he deserves it.

Through infertility, he was a wonderful support. Going with me to doctor’s appts, doing his share of tests & procedures, & even pouring me a shot before I had to give myself an injection.

My pregnancy meant in some ways he had to & also chose to step up more. He grocery shopped (& stuck to the list!), made meals, took over Moekitty duties, & some household cleaning. And he put together almost all the babes items.

Then May 7th happened & he had no choice but to take over household, cat & Suz support. And he was awesome y’all. Jason came up to the hospital every day but one for two weeks straight, sleeping on an uncomfortable chair or couch whenever family wasn’t available. He was great about stopping by random stores & ordering things I needed online.

And just when I thought he couldn’t be more great, he was there with me through 30+ hours of labor. And by with me, I mean WITH ME. Letting me almost rip off his hand & rubbing my shoulders & neck through contractions. When the time came to push, he was holding my legs, counting in my ear, & running back & forth between NICU to see Zach & back to me. And with Lucy’s birth, he was again by my side, this time with a full view while holding my legs & encouraging me over & over.

We’ve been both exhausted, but he’s continued to be awesome this week. You think you love someone, then you see them as a Dad & your heart fills & grows almost to the point of bursting with love & pride. He’s driven me back & forth between home & the hospital, held babies, changed diapers & clothes, & been awesome breastfeeding support. The husband’s also taken charge of post-pumping parts cleaning duties. I let him sleep after the midnight pump until before the 9a pump & he’s washed almost every other time.

J & Z Sat morning then J & L in the afternoon

I can’t wait to see what the future brings for us. He’s already a great Daddy for our NICU babies ~ so excited to see him in action at home! {bragging complete ~ for now!}