The new Suz is much like the old one. Likes fun, friends, & traveling. Loves owls {especially on baby clothes!}, pizza, college football {Go Pack!} & beer. Enjoys reading, reality TV, sleeping & shopping.

The new Suz though has been working her way out of the haze of the first 18 weeks as a mom of two babies. The haze of little sleep, lots of family taking over her house help, & too much TV. Not enough of seeing friends or beer & no travel.

But I’m beginning to feel like me.

Me, who’s got a handle on breastfeeding & pumping at work for twins.

Me, who, thanks to daycare wearing the babies out, is consistently getting 5-7 hours of {sometimes broken up} sleep.

Me, who’s learned that time chillin on the couch reading or watching TV can only come after bottles are washed & prepared; cloth diapers are washed, dried & packed for daycare; clothes for babies are set out for the next day.

Me, who’s looking forward to our first weekend away this Saturday. With my parents’ help, I’ll have a night of fun & friends, showering & celebrating B & Kevin’s upcoming wedding. Shopping for the bridesmaids dress. Chatting & laughing & drinking {just a bit} with college friends.

I’ll be back Sunday afternoon. I imagine I’ll be travel weary but with a happy, refreshed heart. {& with lots of photos from the shower & of the babies hanging out with their grandparents & great-grandfather!}