The Silver Linings Playbook

After getting so much movie buzz, my book club decided to read Matthew Quick’s novel & discuss it for our May meeting. I took advantage of kindle’s $4.99 sale since the weight list at our library was crazy long. This is the first book I’ve bought in a while but it was worth it IMO.

Silver Linings Playbook follows the story of Pat, a guy recovering from mental illness. He’s trying to find his footings after being released from a mental hospital & moving back home with his parents & without his wife. He’s experiencing ‘apart time’ from his wife & doing everything he can to better himself. The story follows along this journey as he’s looking for the silver linings in his life.

I haven’t seen the movie & have heard it’s not as good as the book {most aren’t}. After reading the book, I can’t imagine Mr. Eye Candy Cooper as Pat, but I still want to see the film. I’ve also heard that a big scene that the entire book leads up to discovering is shown in the preview. That’s weird.

I’d recommend Silver Linings Playbook to pretty much anyone. Philly natives & Eagles fans would enjoy it. Dads & sons. People with ties to mental illness. It was a quick read & one I kinda missed reading after I was done.

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