at BlogHer that is. Remember how last August I went to San Diego & roomed with three semi-strangers new best e-buds for BlogHer? {like you could forget since I blogged the heck out of that trip}

Anyhoo. Miranda came home, peed on a stick, & boom, she was pregnant with New Girl to make her arrival soon.

A couple months later, Alena announced that she too was pregnant. Holden’s to make his entrance in just about 10 weeks.

Then there was me & the trips turned duo coming most likely in June. At this point, we were beginning to suspect something special.

We turned to Diana & said, “ok, you’re turn”. So she drank the water too {she’d perhaps brought home a bottle?} & next thing we knew she was pregnant! We warned @BlogHer then that something was up with our room!

Then today, Diana went to her first ultrasound at 9 weeks and super boom, it’s TWINS!

Four roommates, expecting six babies between April & August. We are so excited!

FYI to those not trying to get KU in 2012/2013, don’t drink the water at BlogHer this summer… just sayin’.