I hadn’t planned to do this post tonight. This day started and I was so down. But I at least try to be a hopeful positive person, so thinking that way I wanted to share a few things that have made me smile the past few days.

My first giveaway! Don’t forget to enter.

Starting off your day (11am can be considered starting off on a weekend right?!) walking around a pretty little local lake with a good friend.

Watching Netflix movie with your husband {The Town which was ok}. Snacking on sweet tart gummies eaten out of the Sew Curly snack bag which was a very fun giveaway win!

Enjoying a-not-planned but very fun dinner out at the local Ale House.

Words with Friends which quiets your over-stressed head and allows to bring on sleep.

Holding hands at breakfast. It’s seriously made me smile all day.

Beautiful sunny days that make catching up over lunch with coworkers even better.

Texts and messaging with friends with new babies. Making plans to visit one tomorrow night while they’re still in the hospital & the other Thursday night.

Super yummy subs for dinner. Yep, same meal as last Monday but just as good!

Small group fellowship with caring friends at church. Andy Stanley’s awesome message on Believing the Best about your spouse.

Ben & Jerry’s to end your day.

Now I could have made this post about the fact that VCU lost, my SUV got dented by a hit & run driver, & I got my period. But those might be another post. Tonight, I’m going with smiles.

What made you smile this Monday?