I was a very bad blogger over this past long weekend. I ran away to family & stayed away from computers. But I did remember to take a photo Sunday for this post. I also realized last week as I was catching up on a few pregnancy blogs that I’d missed a few of the questions, so I’ve added them this time.

Merry Christmas from me & the trips

How far along? 13w4d

Maternity clothes? Absolutely for pants. And while I can still wear a few normal tops & sweaters, I’m transitioning to maternity tops too.

Weight Gain? I haven’t weighed since my last appt but I believe the babies’ belly is growing so yeah.

Stretch Marks? No.

Sleep? Pretty good.

Movement? We know they’re moving from the ultrasounds but I don’t think I can feel anything yet.

Genders? We hope & pray for healthy babies first & foremost. But I’d love to have boy/girl combos. Just a hunch but I kinda think B is a girl.

What I Miss? I kinda missed wine & margaritas this weekend but my Trader Joe’s sparkling pomegrante made me feel festive anyways.

Symptoms? More tired than normal, had to find a chair in Crate & Barrel while watching over our goods Sunday, & hungry! I woke up at 447a Christmas eve morning & couldn’t go back to sleep until I ate a banana & a bowl of Frosted Flakes!

Food cravings? Cereal, Mac & cheese, ice cream & pizza are always good.

Food aversion? Mexican food! I tired our local stand-by El Rodeo yesterday and had to do everything in my power to keep it down after eating half of my quesadilla & a little bit of beans & rice.

Labor signs? No, thankfully.

Belly button in or out? I had mine pierced in HS/college & the bottom hole has been MIA for years. As the belly grows, that bottom hole is beginning to make an appearance. But it’s still an innie for now.

What I’m Looking Forward to? We picked up all three cribs within the past week. We also received some baby items for Christmas. I’m looking forward to getting that all into our house & start organizing it in their room.

Weekly Wisdom? Errr, is it bad that I can’t think of anything this morning? Maybe I’ll edit this when I add the photo.

Milestones? Thirteen weeks! I feel like one of the baby emails I received Saturday said I was out of the first trimester then another said this was the last week. Either way, I’m definitely more than a third of the way through this pregnancy!