Mom took these photos of me & the belly with my cell late Saturday night in my hospital room. I look tired, makeup free but happily still pregnant.

{hospital bracelet, Kohls maternity/nursing gown}

How far along? 33w2d by my calculations, but the hospital considers the week switch on Sundays instead of Saturdays so they call me 33w1d.

Maternity clothes? Yes. Beginning last Monday evening, I wore hospital provided attire. Then I learned mid-week that I could wear my own clothes if I wanted. While the Kohls by us didn’t have them, luckily Mom found a few maternity/nursing gowns with robes at her Kohls & brought them down Friday. We ordered another online so now I’m switching off wearing prettier gowns.

Weight Gain? I was up 45 pounds as of last Thursday’s doctor’s appointment. I haven’t been weighed since but think the belly might be a little bigger.

Stretch Marks? Yes, on both sides & I kinda don’t care.

Sleep? Sleep in the hospital at first was near impossible due to nurses checking in or giving meds every two hours. Now I’ve learned to ask for sleeping pill if I can’t sleep & they also don’t have to give me medicine over night.

Movement? I think just sitting here thinking about the babes has me hyper-aware of them. I feel her really often & he let’s me know he’s hanging out with a few kicks & punches too.

Genders? Baby A, Zach, is a still a boy & C, Lucy, is a girl.

What I Miss? Baby B {some of the nurses when they’re doing the heartbeat monitors will refer to Lucy as baby B; I’ve either corrected them or ignored it & said “her” or “Lucy”}. I randomly today told the husband I miss wearing jewelry. I took all mine off before we left for L&D Monday night. I think this is the longest I’ve gone without wearing a necklace/rings/earrings in years & years. I also miss Moekitty~ Jason’s been good about sending me fluffy kit photos though!

Food cravings? As you’ve probably seen from my instagram feed, the food here in the hospital is really good. But the Dairy Queen commercials are getting to me~ I’m sad there isn’t a DQ close by, but the hospital’s ice cream & milkshakes are hitting that spot. I was also kinda craving a Gigi’s cupcake yesterday. I ordered a cupcake with my lunch today & am hoping it tastes as good as it looks.

Food aversion? None really.

Labor signs? Zach’s water broke last Monday afternoon. So I’m now a PPROM {premature preterm rupture of membranes} patient on hospital bedrest. No other labor signs for the last week though {random little contractions but not active ones}. They’ll induce labor if I don’t go on my own by 5/20.

Belly button in or out? It’s popping more & more out but I’d still call it an innie.

What I’m Looking Forward to? A few more days of being pregnant {aka having ‘medically boring days’ as the MFMs wish me every morning}. Spending time with my SIL who’s on her way to hang out for a few days. Then a few days with my Nana. Then babies!!!!!

Symptoms? The swollen feet that have plagued me for weeks {months?!} disappeared being in a hospital bed. So nice to see my feet looking normal. The heartburn medicine they give me here has actually worked better than what I was previously on. I really feeling well.

Weekly Wisdom? A positive attitude really helps. A nurse told me yesterday, as I was mentioning how the days fly by & that it hasn’t been bad, how my attitude really does effect my bedrest stay. We open the blinds each morning, I brush my teeth/wash face etc & we’ve established a bit of a routine when it comes to showering & getting out of the room occasionally. I really think texting & social media {twitter, instagram, facebook & of course blogging} makes me still feel connected to friends too which really has helped.

Milestones? Still pregnant! Baby Center told me yesterday that the babies are about 4 pounds {weight of a pineapple} but we know they were that size over a week ago at our last ultrasound appt. Since they gain about a half pound a week, I’m guessing they’re more like 4.5 & 4.75 pounds now. Guess we’ll see for sure soon.