Two things happened for the first time this morning.

First the good. Jason started working 7a-4p this week. {Zach & I were home yesterday because he ran a fever Sunday. Getting teeth two at a time is hard work.} So today was our Monday & also the first time the babies & I had gotten ready & headed to work & daycare with me as solo morning parent. It was a success! All of us were clean {& thanks to Zach’s last minute poop as we went out the door, he & I were wiped very clean}, dressed, lunches, diaper & pump bags packed & I was only 5 mintues late to work. Score!

The not so great. Zach slept in our king size bed between us from 1a on this morning. We nursed around 5 & fell back asleep. Jason’s alarm went off & he got up around 530a. I stretched out a little after that & noticed Jason had turned his pillow vertical just in case Z wiggling all the way across the bed. Zach was nestled snugly sleeping horizontal with his feet on my back & me facing Lucy’s monitor & away from the other side of the bed.

Next thing I know, I’m hearing a thud & then a cry. I sat right up, reached out & nothing was there. I was missing 15 pounds of lil guy from the bed. I found him between Jason’s end table & the bed. Yep, Zach wiggled& wiggled & wiggled himself right off the bed & onto the floor.

I quickly scooped him up & while giving hugs & kisses happily discovered he wasn’t hurt, jsut scared & mostly asleep. We laid back down but since he continued crying, we walked into the den where I had to tell his Daddy about his fall!

Since this morning, Jason’s been researching bed rails. There’s a trip to Walmart in my future this evening. 😛

Anyone else have experience with this? Are we the only bedsharing family that this has happened to?