I’m continuing to list my tips for pumping at work over on Liberating Working Moms today. If you haven’t already, check out my part one. Today’s part two includes thoughts on clothing, eating & what to do during those minutes {or hours} you spend at work pumping.

Brandy pointed out in the comments┬áthat some of these tips/issues have to do with my big {over} supply. I sometimes forget that not everyone pumps out crazy amounts like I do. {Yes, it’s a very happy problem for this multi-momma to have!}

And for those wishing for an oversupply, I have a recipe posting next week for cookies that might help! {I also recommend starting to pump before you go back to work to get you & your body used to it. That’ll also help build a frozen stash to fall back on. & if all else fails, you can try fenugreek aka the smell like maple syrup herb.}