Not sure if I’ve mentioned Trader Joe’s much on here but I love it! The new Raleigh store opened last Friday right near Costco (maybe 2nd favorite place to grocery shop) and only 10 mins from us. The Cary TJ’s was more like 30 minutes. I’d usually try to stock up whenever I was in Cary, but now I don’t have to!!!! I went tonight to check it out, get dinner for myself, things to take for lunches this week, and few of my TJ’s staples (frozen fruit, hummus, pizza dough & sauce, wine, pretzel chips, bananas). $82 later; I had all that plus lots more. 4 packed bags full in fact! I plan to try out their pumpkin muffins for this weekends tailgate, the pumpkin pancake mix sounded yummy for Sunday breakfast, got bagels to eat with the Apple Butter wedding favor from 2 weekends ago, the super friendly check out guy told me I HAD to get the maple cookies, etc etc. I’m a sucker for deals on great food. I’ll post later if any new items I got should be recommended. 🙂