Triplets for Now

Saturday morning at 445a I woke up to use the bathroom {my new normal}. Except this time, there was blood. Enough that I screamed out my husband’s name. He joined me in the bathroom before wrapping his comforting arms around me back in bed. I laid in the fetal position curled around him crying as he googled miscarriage & read the passages. I called & left a message on my RE’s nurses’ line. Too upset to go back to sleep, we read more about bleeding & possible miscarriage in the pregnancy books that now litter the floor in our den. Since I was still bleeding a good amount an hour plus later, I decided to call the on-call doctor’s line.

It was now 6:45a & we remembered the RE opened for IVF & IUI patients Saturday mornings around 7. I showered & we were heading to the office when the doctor called me telling us he’d work seeing us in either right before or after an egg retrieval. The nurse had us in a US room before the office computers were even turned on, so we gave the dr a 10 second history before he started the internal US. Let me say, at this point, I was expecting to see nothing. Or just bleeding or the remnants of embryos. Instead, as soon as Wandy was turned on, I was two sacs. With one quick move, I saw a third & realized I was still pregnant. With triplets. The doctor said aloud what I was thinking. I’d started shaking & giggling too much to even speak at this point. He pointed out each of the sacs & tiny heart flickers. I got myself to stop shaking enough so he could take one group shot & then he zoomed in for measurement {pretty much right on track at 6 weeks with a due date of July 1st}.

Group Photo ~not sure why two in one sac {think it’s yollk}

We left in a shocked high. Too in shock to even ask questions. At the RE’s ok & with a silly grin & a pad for the unknown bleeding, I went off the the NCSU game while Husband went on into work. They changed my US from Tuesday to Thursday for another check.

So after a weekend of phone calls to family & my new triplet mom guru Jenny, I was feeling slightly overwhelmed but even more excited about my new triplet mom-to-be status.

Today’s morning appointment couldn’t get here fast enough. This time we met with our normal RE. He asked how we were feeling. He said triplet pregnancies were rough for mom & can be scary for premature babies. That 32 weeks would be average & at least my goal {I’ve already hopefully marked 34! on my calendar}.

The US or my ute or maybe both were being more tricky this morning. Nothing was as clear as Saturday. We finally saw three sacs {but not a photo of them}. Two of which were more visible & thus we could see embryos & heartbeats in those. One measured exactly right at 6w5d & the other a bit bigger at 6w6d {go big guy}. 😛 RE took super zoomed in photos of each but they look like bloobs to us {not sure what’s sac, embryo, random Suz part}.

That third sac, no matter how much the RE moved Wandy around, how much I tried to wiggle, we couldn’t see the full sac completely. The RE said it was the most deep in & just wasn’t cooperating today. That could mean that there’s no longer an embryo in sac three, or I could once again be following Jenny‘s footsteps, & have a ninja baby of my own. The doctor said we could go to a local radiology place or wait a week & come back. He wanted to see us again next week anyways so we decided to go that route.

So for now, while I wait & pray & ask for your support, I’m still considering myself a triplet mom-to-be until I see/know/hear differently.

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OMG!!! I totally missed this announcement!!! SUZ, I don’t even know what to say. I’m shaking with excitement for you. I follow Jenny’s blog and on twitter and I can’t imagine what you’re thinking right now. But just so you know – I am SO happy for you and thinking really really good thoughts for your trips!

Ahhhh, so exciting!

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