Trying To Conceive

TTC Cycle 5

Now that I’m 10 days into cycle 6, I just realized I never posted my cycle 5 chart. Clearly it wasn’t too exciting. I also discovered I had a {let’s just say a not-so-fun TMI} infection at the end of that cycle. I’m better now thanks to antibiotics!
But I digress. We connected & are still having fun trying at least! Being out of town one weekend together (but with a lot of family) then the following two weekends apart made this cycle tough. I was actually at the beach with my work girls the last weekend. I peed on a stick on 7 DPO ~ it was negative. I knew that was early to test, but I was off to the beach with my work girls & still planning to drink it up so I thought I’d check. I drank & had a great time! When my temps dropped on that Sunday morning, I knew my period was coming & this cycle was a bust.No real travel or vacations planned during this cycle so maybe that’ll help. Oh & when I went to the gyno last week, I mentioned charting & my short LPs. She wasn’t so concerned with that, but did recommend we have sex more often! She said every other day starting around day 10 & keeping that up til CD 20! Jason starts his new round-the-clock work schedule next week, so we’ll see how those two things will go together! Guess we’ll see! Here’s hoping for a end of Apr or beginning of May ’11 baby!

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