This is a TTC (as in Trying To Conceive) post. If you don’t wanna hear the TMI, stop reading now.

So I took off the BC patch in March. I traveled for work & visited family. We didn’t really pay attention to timing of things. When looking back on the calendar, I realized I got my period on day 28. So I was “normal”, but not pregnant. Not that we were really ready or expecting that in the first month.

Then we were in April. I started reading TCoYF & joined Fertility Friend. I started taking my temps every morning at 7am and charting them and my daily CM. Jason was out of town visiting family then sick. I was in a wedding & we had family in town. Jason also started his new job & continued to work his second night time job. In other words we were busy so although I was trying to figure out which were good baby making days, we didn’t really TRY. Looking at my chart, we think I O’d on day 13 and I ended my second off BC cycle on day 23. After cycle two, we’re a little wiser about my cycle & more ready to give baby making a real go.