Current shows I wish I had time for: Scandal. Smash. Parenthood. Glee {since there are 5 episodes on my DVR}. Modern Family. Betty White’s Off her Rockers {there’s 9 of those on our DVR}. Downton Abbey.

Shows I’m embarrassed I make time for: Teen Mom 2 & random others on MTV. American Idol. Grey’s Anatomy. Real World/Road Rules challenges.

Shows I make time for & then get scared & question my addiction {also see: shows the husband loves}: Walking Dead. Justified. Arrow. Homeland. Revolution. Sons of Anarchy. True Blood. Falling Skies.

Shows I watch because I still love reality TV: Amazing Race. Survivor {even though I’m way behind this season}. The Biggest Loser.

Shows Husband likes that I try to miss: all the ESPN ones except for 30 on 30. Sparticus.

Shows we watch too: How I Met Your Mother. Suits. Burn Notice. Covert Affairs. Royal Pains.

What’s your current TV obsession? What {else} am I missing out on?