I’ve been meaning to post about our high-res/NT scan ultrasound from last Monday. But a crazy busy week got in my way. To summarize: Pregnancy brain hit & we were a half hour late {we had genetic counselor appt at 830 & U/S appt at 9, I just remembered the 9a appt time}, so we hung out in the lobby for a while & read a pregnancy magazine cover-to-cover, counselor was nice, ultrasound tech got impatient that babies B & C weren’t cooperating for the NT measurement=pain as she jabbed me, finally got measurements from A & C, all was better once we saw doctor who assured us babies looked awesome.

Photos of the ultrasound photos~ 11w2d A, B & C

I received a call midweek saying our babies chances for trisomy 13 & 18 were less than 1/10,000 & for Down’s less than 1/3382. So we’re happy.

I snapped these photos after I got home from the Tacky Sweater Party last night {I’ll post photos from there later}. The white top & sweater are non-maternity, & the top was too short with the belly to not wear a tank underneath! That grey blur in the bottom right of the photo was Moekitty walking into his bathroom for a potty break!

Twelve Weeks in Tacky Christmas amazingness!

How far along? 12w1d.

Maternity clothes? Absolutely for pants. I’m wearing my normal tops & sweaters for now while I still can.

Weight Gain? I’ll find out tomorrow at my check up but I’d think so.

Stretch Marks? No.

Sleep? Pretty good as I roll side-to-side in between getting up to pee.

Movement? They’re moving but I can’t feel it yet.

Genders? We hope & pray for healthy babies first & foremost. But I’d love to have boy/girl combos. Just a hunch but I kinda think B is a girl.

What I Miss? The ability to run around & have a super busy week & not be exhausted at the end of it. Doing something every night this past week kicked my butt. I’m learning I must slow my life down.

Symptoms? See above. Tired & hungry. But loving this pregnancy.

What I’m Looking Forward to? This week I’ve told work & just today announced this pregnancy on facebook. I’m glad everyone knows now & I can celebrate it openly. I’m looking forward to my appointment tomorrow for another chance to see the babies then a weekend with family & friends celebrating Christmas.

Weekly Wisdom? Drink plenty of water, enjoy all those Christmas cookies but remember to eat normal food too or you’ll wake up from a nap feeling like shit.

Milestones? Twelve weeks! Almost out of the first trimester! The babies are the size of limes this week. Their reflexes are developing including their hands opening & closing, mouths beginning to suck, toes curling & eye muscles clenching!