So I know y’all are sick of this dress, but I was going to a friend’s baby shower & NCSU was playing in the ACC tourney & it’s so comfy {although getting tighter in the middle}. It’s also fun to look back to see the belly growth since I wore it last {at 20 wks}.

infamous Target dress

How far along? 24w2d

Maternity clothes? Yes! All maternity all the time {except for the few longer tops I’ve been able to make work still}.

Weight Gain? Was up 25 lbs as of a couple weeks ago & I haven’t weighed myself since.

Stretch Marks? none yet.

Sleep? Pretty good. I’m getting better at sleeping on my sides.

Movement? Oh yes. Although I can’t always tell from who unless I’m being punched low. I feel them more in the afternoon & evening but husband hasn’t been able to feel them from outside yet.

Genders? A is a boy & C is a girl & we have decided on names :)  {but holding out on posting them until it’s for sure}.

What I Miss? Baby B always. Wearing heels. At a work conference today & I miss heels but am thankful for target’s inexpensive cute flats.

Food cravings? Fruit, yogurt/ice cream, French fries.

Food aversion? I ate at Mexican restaurants twice this past week! I think I’m over that aversion!! But sadly, my all time favorite food, pizza, now gives me heartburn. So I weigh the yumminess vs tums popping factor before eating. Sometimes pizza wins still though.

Labor signs? None, thankfully.

Belly button in or out? In for sure. I try to mask the crater my layering tanks under outfits.

What I’m Looking Forward to? Finishing cleaning out the remaining “office” items from the room & turning it into the nursery!

Weekly Wisdom? Not feeling super wisdom giving this morning after staying up til 2 last night. So maybe its do what you feel like & take advantage of feeling good by having {sober} fun with work friends!

Milestones? Twenty four weeks! My first starred milestone of viability. It’s been highlighted on my calendar from the beginning. It’s a milestone date I’ve been praying for. Do I want the babies to come now? Hell no, but I’m happy knowing that if they did, they’d have a chance. But L & Z, stay in for another 12 weeks, k?!

24 Week Fraternal Twins {from Baby Center}