I took these photos after we got home from childbirth class Saturday.

{Gap maternity top, Motherhood full-panel! shorts}

How far along? 29w3d

Maternity clothes? Yes, except for the occasional longer top I squeeze into.

Weight Gain? I haven’t been weighed in a couple weeks, but I think closing in on 40 lbs.

Stretch Marks? Yep. Definitely on right side & few dots growing on left side. I’m lotioning like crazy, but I don’t think that’ll help much.

Sleep? Grrr. Not great this week between heartburn, sore pelvic bone & hips, & getting up to pee. I brushed off the suggestions for a Snoogle months ago but gave in yesterday morning & we ordered one off Amazon. Hopefully it’ll help with above & to get rid of a few of the 5+ pillows I’ve been sleeping with.

Movement? Yes. Although since Z flipped head up, I feel him less & L much more.

Genders? Baby A, Zach, is a still a boy & C, Lucy, is a girl.

What I Miss? Baby B always. Ability to eat whatever without paying for it later with heartburn. My old spring/summer wardrobe.

Food cravings? Harris Teeter blueberry muffins were on sale last week. I sent Jason back Saturday for a second box. Guess that counts as a craving right?

Food aversion? None really. Although cooking doesn’t sound great.

Labor signs? None, thankfully. and we know more of them since our first childbirth class!

Belly button in or out? Still in but beginning to be able to see the end of it.

What I’m Looking Forward to? Checking things off the to do list. Our upcoming classes {breastfeeding, cloth diapering & childbirth} this week. Our appointment Thursday with the MFM.

Symptoms? Think of a pregnancy symptom. I’ve probably got it. I said I wanted to experience it all since I’m only going to be pregnant once. I guess meant it! 😛

Weekly Wisdom? Gather & learn all the knowledge you can. Then take it & make decisions best for your family together with your partner.

Milestones? We passed the 28w1d mark and have flown into 29w. Baby Center says at 29 weeks the babies weigh 2.5 lbs, but we know from the 28 week appt that our “big” babies are already more than that {yay!}. Their brains {& thus heads} are growing & bones are soaking up calcium {good thing I’m loving cereal, yogurt & cheese sticks}.