I took some belly photos Saturday~sorry they’re dark/blurry/in my parent’s bedroom. I meant to take more but forgot!

{Lilly Pulitzer cardigan, Seraphine tunic {post to come}, & H&M leggings}

How far along? 23w2d

Maternity clothes? Yes! All maternity all the time {except I am wearing a normal top under a maternity dress today}.

Weight Gain? Was up 25 lbs as of Wednesday week. Haven’t weighed myself since.

Stretch Marks? none yet.

Sleep? Ok. I woke up at 545a Saturday morning with a crazy cramp in my left calf muscle. It’s still sore today. Maybe I need to stretch my legs out more instead of sleeping with them curled up on pillows?!

Movement? Yes, especially in the afternoons & evenings. Seems like these babes aren’t people people, just like their mom.

Genders? A is a boy & C is a girl & I we have decided on names 🙂 {but holding out on posting them until it’s for sure}.

What I Miss? Baby B always. Margaritas.

Food cravings? Fruit, yogurt, pizza.

Food aversion? I’m actually meeting friends at one of my favorite nicer Mexican restaurants Tuesday night. Here’s hoping it goes well!

Labor signs? No, thankfully.

Belly button in or out? Still an innie but starting to look kinda like a crater. You can now see the top & bottom holes from my HS/college belly button piercing.

What I’m Looking Forward to? At the shower in VA this past weekend {post to come} & with gift cards, I got the rest of the crib sets as well as pretty much most of the necessary items & lots of fun things for the babies. Now I can’t wait to get it all set up in the nursery.

Weekly Wisdom? Enjoy time with family & friends! Rest when you can. Put your feet up & let family pamper you a little ~ enjoy & take advantage of that down time while you can!

Milestones? 23 weeks is so close to that 24 week viability date that I can almost taste it. Baby Center says the babies sense of movement has been developed so they can feel me dance & move around. They weigh about a pound & are over 11 inches long. It says I should start being able to see them move from outside but I haven’t seen that yet. Their ears are more developed so they’re getting used to my everyday sounds.