A couple of awesome girls in the twitter universe came up with the idea. I love checking out other peoples homes & getting ideas, so I joined on. Our house is definitely not model home quality, but its ours and we like it.

Let’s start with our foyer. I couldn’t get a good picture of the overall, so here’s my three favorites from the area: dried flowers from my bouquet, wedding portrait, & wedding Bible quote & favorite beach wedding photo.
This room is a disaster. It was an office/junk room. Husband’s trying to turn it into a “man room”. It’ll eventually be the nursery (who knows where all the stuff will go then). Yall only get a brief glance.Next as we make our way down the hall is our guest bedroom. This is almost the exact same room as my college & right post college room. But I still love my Chi Omega owls & photos.When we moved in, this bathroom was awful! Multiple layers of wallpaper + boarder. The paint turned out brighter than I wanted, but I love how this beachy bathroom has turned out.
Now our bedroom. We’re still working on a headboard~ first couldn’t find one we like, then all too expensive. I think we found one just last week~ my Dad’s cousin offered her extra for $50!! The jewelry tree in between the windows is very special to me. My mom made it out my her mom’s costume jewelry!
Our bathroom is bad. Needs to be painted but one wall needs to be resheetrocked due to prior owners. But this is working for now. (PHOTO TO COME LATER)

Back down the hallway to the foyer. Take a left & you enter our kitchen. We redid this about a year & half ago!
The dining room & den are one big room but we have divided by couches. This is were we spend most of the time & from where I blog!
Hope you’ve enjoyed Suz’s home! Now go check out the other lovely ladies of the twitter home tour!