I went from never getting an award to two in one day. I’d be getting a big head if I was that kinda girl. Luckily I’m not; just dorkily excited. Ha!

So thanks to my girl B for giving me the Master of Karate & Friendship Award. This one makes me LOL!

The Rules for this one: List six things you are a master at/of.
1) I’m a master at multi-tasking. I’m currently blogging, drinking wine, & watching 24.
2) I’m a master at loving things I can’t always afford. Mom’s always said I have champagne tastes & beer budget. This leads to #3…
3) I’m a master shopper for deals. I LOVE a good deal. Day after thanksgiving sales (I’m there!). Day after Christmas sales (Mom, Nana & I are one of the first in line at Crate & Barrel!). Wanted new pair of Jack Rodgers but not for the $93 price~ stalked shoe website til I was able to combine enough coupons to get them for $65!
4) I’m a master traveler. I pack pretty light, I’m a good planner, I’m pretty easy going & I love to have fun. Pick a spot & I’m there! Can’t wait for Ft. Lauderdale in less than 2 weeks!!
5) I’m a master (in training) minor events coordinator. I minored in event planning and really wanted to work in the industry. Didn’t happen. Instead, I love to help host or hostess parties & events for friends. I love the behind the scenes work, the rush of getting a lot done & feeling once you accomplished it, the cooking, and socializing. I don’t enjoy the cleaning (also why I like helping host at other locations!).
6) I’m a master at fun! (One of the reason’s why B & I are such good friends!!) Count me in for nights out, girl’s chill nights, bunco, dinner club & other Chi O alum events, work out get togethers, Christmas parties, you name it I’m probably up for it! This is not to say that I’m bad at the low times, but I do try to always look at the positive. I can do serious heart-to-heart talks & am always there for friends to lean on ~ I’ll be there with a glass of wine & a cupcake or two. You can call me anytime & I’m there to listen & try to make you smile.

So with that sappiness~ can you tell I’m on glass of wine #3?!~ I’m going to try to nominate different blog buddies than the ones below. The below are awesome girls who’s blogs I love & ones I “know” originally from the nest but all I’ve met IRL. They are all masters of karate & friendships too! So here’s to ya’ll: Jenny, Alethea, Jamie, Blair Jenni, & Meredith.