We took our first trip as a family of four {with my aunt in the way back of the van to help} to my parents’ house this past weekend. I’ve been waiting to post about it until I had a chance to get on my laptop & upload/edit the photos.

Since who knows when I’ll have time for that, I thought I’d share the few from the weekend I took from my cell. I’ll update later because there are some good ones on the DSLR too.

Mom made pumpkin waffles from a mix she got at Costco. While we were eating, we put Zach & Lucy in borrowed bumbo & bouncy seats.

Zach loving the bumbo & the new toy cell phone

Happy bouncing Lucy

They were enjoying the attention from their Cici & Pops & checking out their new surroundings.

I took photos of the babies in my parents’ den during Saturday day that I used in the North American Bear Co giveaway. My brother stopped by early afternoon for some baby snuggles & to watch the Wolfpack win a game!

I’d be chosen for a Sabra Hummus House Party Saturday too. We were able to serve Sabra Mango salsa & tortilla chips & Sabra Spinach Artichoke hummus with carrots, peppers & pita chips.

My family cheesing it up for the Sabra House Party.

Mom had also made a pumpkin dip that we put out with apples, pears & ginger snaps, BLT tarts, buffalo chicken dip with scoops & celery & pumpkin muffins. And no sip & see at my mom’s could be complete without plenty of beer & wine to go around!

Lucy & Mommy {my new favorite}, Lucy rolling!, Zach in the bumbo as the party wines down, friends & Zach, Marsha with Lucy, brother & Quinn

Our great family friends Molly & her mom Amy holding a sleeping Lucy girl.

Amy & Molly holding Lucy

The babies did great while being passed around among 20+ family friends during the Sip & See Saturday late afternoon. Before we changed Lucy out of her owl dress, Mom & I had to get a girls photo.

Three generations!

Sleeping Zach

Zach took a little nap in the bouncy seat while we fixed dinner. He cracked me up because he fell asleep with his finger still hooked on the ring.

My mom & aunt took babies’ duty Saturday night & I slept for six straight hours. It was quite a blessing. So was the 2+ hour naps Zach & Lucy took on the way home Sunday afternoon!