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Valentine’s Day 2010

Today’s been a pretty good Valentine’s day. Hope everyone’s had a happy one! Day started out great~ Jason let me sleep in til 10:45! Love it!! I then made blueberry pancakes with the TJ’s buttermilk mix I got for the $1.99 on Friday. They were very fluffy & yummy. I served them with cranberry/oj mimosas left over from Kelly’s kitchen shower yesterday (another post to come). I continued to enjoy mimosas the rest of the morning which made studying for my INS 21 test fun. 🙂
I’d been stalking RedBox all week to find Couples Retreat. Last night it popped up at the Kroger near our house! So Jason & I watched it this afternoon. Although a lot of the funny parts were in previews, I still really enjoyed it. I’m trying to keep up with my goal of watching more movies this year (I’m now looking to rent Time Traveler’s Wife next).
We decided to make dinner at home tonight to celebrate Valentine’s Day instead of fighting crowds & spending a lot of money out. I made my SiL’s chicken casserole & Jason helped me make garlic rice (from a box, were not that good!). Both turned out really well & we have yummy leftovers for lunch/dinner tomorrow!
I’m taking one of my hopefully last insurance tests in 11 hours so I better get off the computer & study. That & our last skinny cow strawberry ice cream sandwich is calling my name!

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