Oh Lucy girl. She’s keeping us {& especially daycare} on their toes.

Lucy & Zach moved up to the toddler room at daycare the Wed before our vacation. Lucy was bitten Thurs & Fri by two different kids. Welcome to the toddler class, Lucy!

After 9 days off, we were hoping this biting epidemic was over at school. Nope. Lucy was bitten last Tues {by yet another kid}. & I just got off the phone with the daycare director. Lucy was bitten {by biter number 4 if you’re keeping track} this morning. The director told me she watched the video & saw her teacher literally leap through the air to try to pull Lucy’s arm away, but she couldn’t stop the biter in time.

I’m sadly not shocked to say that after all this time being bitten, Baby girl has learned {as of this morning} to try to bite back. And she’s a fast learner. Daycare told me she’s attempted to bit THREE kiddos so far this am.

Oh y’all, this class of children is going to look like an episode of True Blood {except it seems these vampire babes like arms instead of necks}!

{& in case you’re wondering, Zach, according to daycare, tends to do his own thing while Lucy is the social butterfly in the middle of everyone. I’ve witnessed this as I’m coming & going, & I’m not surprised that she’s in the middle of all the action while Zach does more independent play.}

Any of y’all had experience with toddler biting? What’s your best advice?!