We enjoyed a great trip this past weekend to VA to visit my parents. We went up there to help celebrate my Dad’s 55th birthday & my parents 30th anniversary which was actually on the 22nd. My OIB grandparents were able to come up with Bocce the puppy also. It was so great to see everyone! Chubs (aka brother Steven) & his girlfriend Beth came over with their new addition~ puppy French Bulldog Quinn.

I didn’t take my camera but my Dad took a few fun pictures of the dogs getting to know each other. Bocce is older & bigger, but Quinn’s been around a lot more dogs. Bocce was very scared! After 5 hours, they finally kinda became buddies. I think it’ll take a weekend at OIB for them to really get along.

We celebrated together by cooking at home & making a few yummy drinks & playing Left Right Center. Jason & I got Dad a new cooler full of Diet Cheerwine (which he can’t get in VA). We went in with Beth & Steven & gave Mom & Dad flowers & a gift card to a local non-chain Italian place. Its their favorite take-out spot! Hope they enjoy!