Lucy & Zach love their water table! It was a birthday gift from their CiCi & Pops who were down this past weekend to watch them playing with it in person.

We’ve found that late afternoon is the perfect time to play on our back deck – it’s then shady & cooled off some while still warm enough for water play.

Two weekends ago, Lucy {my bath time splasher} discovered water table splashing! She & her outfit got soaked while Zach & I remained dry. So I thought I’d smartened up yesterday. I put Lucy in a bathing suit & swim diaper, but I left Zach with a cotton short-all on.

water table fun

Guess who discovered splashing?! LOL! Next time, bathing suits for all! 

Also note, a rarely seen in the wild serious Zach. He’s serious about his water play. Not a fan of too many toys in the water. Nor a fan of sharing his side of the table with his sister. Water table also equals lessons in sharing for our household!