Since I’m new & very excited about my project 365 {day 12 & I’m still on it!} & for those who haven’t ventured over to my new tumblr Project 365 page, here’s my first week of 2011 in photos.

Day 1  The day I received the camera & without knowing it began this project! This is of my parent’s dining room set up for New Years/Christmas dinner.

Day 2  Our poor said sagging Christmas tree when we returned home.  We brought in our bags & immediately undecorated the tree & took it outside to the curb.

Day 3  My coworkers sent me this plant as a thinking of you for my first day back at work.  Love them & it makes my desk cherry & green.

Day 4  Couldn’t resist taking a photo of my camera.  Don’t yall love my Shey B camera strap?!

Day 5  Moe kitty was sleeping with his paws over his face.  Every time I tried to get a shot of the cuteness, he’d jump out of it.  I finally got the photo on the right but I thought the left one was funny/cute even though it was annoyed with me.

Day 6  Sweet friends have sent the nicest cards.  They really mean a lot to me.

Day 7  Fat Daddys was lunch Friday.  My coworker friends always go out on pay day Fridays and Fat Daddys was chosen for last week.  I had the best grilled chicken sandwich!

I’m going to try to keep this up, but if you can’t wait a week to see- jump over to tumblr, it’s fun!