Another week of Project 365 photos. My new phone with a flash camera helped with some of these photos.

Saturday Day 71 I made PW’s chicken spaghetti for us & to take to our friends with the new baby.

Day 72 Sunday I realized how many flowers had popped up in our backyard. We didn’t plant any of these nor do we really maintain the jungle that is the backyard, so it’s always a happy surprise in the spring.

Day 73 Monday I went to the RE & I also took this photo of the owls at my desk at work.

Day 74 I met two friends for after work drinks & dinner. I didn’t take any photos.

Day 75 I crazy cleaned the house then husband & I ran to a local Mexican place for dinner. Sadly, I didn’t take a photo of my margarita to share with y’all. But I just remembered that I took this photo on my phone of the green sprinkled sugar cookies I made after dinner.

Day 76 Happy St Patrick’s day! My aunt brought this to me when she came for bunco.

Friday Day 77 I spend most of the beautiful spring day inside waiting on a UPS guy who didn’t show up til 7:45p. This made the day a little better.

How was your week?!