I took photos 6 out of 7 days & only one of Moe! A recent record. I wasn’t thinking about project 365, but just going about life & photographing it.

Day 92 Saturday night after the VCU loss, Jason & I wanted to go get dinner together. Instead we discovered someone had hit my SUV & driven off.

Day 93 Sunday was a chill day. Walked with Alethea, did laundry & finished a book. Didn’t take any photos.

Day 94 Monday night after small group I started reading Wesley the Owl. You know I can’t resist a book about an owl this cute!

Day 95 Tuesday was a busy fun-filled night. Ran to the library to pick up a book, received three books in the mail from Amazon when I got home, had a great time at book club {review to come this week}, then hung out at Rex Hospital with new baby Brianna & mom Jen {post with more pics to come}.

Day 96 We all slept in a little Wednesday since my RE appointment wasn’t until 8:30. Moe was still sleepy & stayed in bed even after both Jason & I were heading out the door. I took this around 8:15. I dropped off the prescriptions (Ovidrel has to be refrigerated) before heading to work & Moe was still in bed around 10. Lucky lazy Fluff.

Day 97 Sharing one the the Capture the Everyday photo rejects. My new phone & blogging laptop.

Day 98 Nothing says Happy Friday to me like pizza & beer!

Hope you had good week!