I took Zach & Lucy’s 14 month photos on my cell today. While organizing them for their posts this week, I ran across these photos from this weekend. {Yep, you read that right, thanks to a dead DSLR battery, this months’ will have timely pics!}

Suz breastfeeding twins

I took this nursing selfie Fri evening. I’m still successfully breastfeeding two babies toddlers. If nursing tandem, 99% of the times it’s football hold on our much beloved twin mybrest friend pillow {we’ve gotten every bit of its $60 worth}. And yes, nursing toddlers has it’s own set of challenges- mostly in the form of keeping Zach focused on nursing {instead of running}, keeping them from poking each others eyes/lips/nose/hair & trying to dissuade them from playing with my mouth/necklace/hair. It’s hilarious too when nursing one-on-one the positions they get themselves in while managing to stay attached! I might have future yogis!

Saturday night, I attempted to take a ‘happy almostĀ 14 month day’ group shot of the three of us.Suz, Lucy & Zach

This was the best I could do! Just a glimpse of life with two busy littles at the moment. They’re all up in each others business all the time. Pushing, slapping, & as of Friday {Zach!} biting each other! We say ‘be sweet’, ‘be gentle’, ‘gentle touches’, ‘don’t hit your brother/sister’ only about a 1000 times/day.

Zach and Lucy 14 mo group shots

You can see how they do & yet don’t play well together in my attempt at a good 14 month group shot Sunday morning before we met my friend Kelly at church. On the chair together, there were a few smiles, but in typical Zach fashion, he was trying to get out if her way & back to reading!

Lastly, once Dada got home Sunday evening, he was reading Jake’s Perfect Day for at least the third time. They’re fairly obsessed with it & a few others {anyone want me to recite Little Blue Truck or Goodnight Owl?!}. The moment was too sweet to not capture. So please excuse the poor lighting & reflect instead on two sweet kiddos nicely sharing a lap for a cuddle-filled book with their Dad.

J reading to Zach & Lucu

Hope you had a great weekend too!