Our December book Club selection was Wednesday Sisters by Meg Waite Clayton. Here’s her website {& from where I grabbed the book image}. It was chosen by Alethea since this was one of her last meetings with our book club before she moves {which I’m still in denial about}. I thought it was a good choice for our group & a very good book. It was an easy quick read. I think anyone who enjoys reading, writing, girl friends &/or is a new mom would really enjoy it. I really liked the characters {although it took me a little bit to remember exactly who was who} by the end I felt like I really knew them. Of course as someone without children I identified with Ally some. We as a book club enjoyed who they experienced the history & times of the day {it was set in California in 1969} and it led to good discussions. I liked the first person perspective and was left wondering what happens to the ladies next. I will definitely plan to put the other books by this author on my TBR list.

You might remember that I mentioned a little while back that I’d received You Don’t Look Like Anyone I Know from the publisher. She stated since I’d blogged about & like The Glass Castle, I might be interested in this memoir. And she was right! Another great memoir. My least favorite part is the super long title, but it does perfectly fit the book. I’d never heard of face blindness before getting the email from the Riverhead Books lady. I’ve meant to google it to find out more, but I haven’t done so. Here’s Heather’s website.

The way Heather writes about her past/childhood doesn’t really make it seem like she’s looking for pity or for us to feel bad {which she could have because it was rough!}. She just told it like it was. I was fascinated, horrified, & couldn’t put it down. I started it last Sunday and read until 1am then from the time I got home from work Monday until I finished at midnight {I took a break to make this for dinner & these for breakfast & dessert}.

I’m left wondering who else has face blindness? Anyone I know have it and not realize it? I’m also left wishing I knew her in real life. I’d love to hear how she’s doing now, if any more research done or any cures have been recently found for face blindness.

I’m realizing that while I love & will still consider fiction my go-to reads, I do enjoy memoirs and that sneak peak into someones life aspect of them {maybe why I love reality TV too?!}. The memoirs I’ve read tend to stick with me for a lot longer than the works of fiction from my “read in 2010 list”.

What’s next up in my TBR pile? Love Walked In by Marisa De Los Santos has been “what I’ve been reading” for a while, but I’m actually doing so now. I also plan to read Friday Night Knitting Club and The Mermaid Chair before the end of the year. Btw, I’m at 33 books read for the year. Doesn’t look like I’ll make my goal of 50 again, but that’s ok.