As usual, Melissa over at Adventuroo‘s Capture the Everyday resounded with me. Basic target mop & bucket, meet your upgrade: Shark Professional Steam Mop. {the yellow on the shark is a reflection of our vacuum which lives in the same closet with the mops, old crutches & the spot bot.}

I posted Monday about holding off on the Shark Steam Mop. I only made it two days {and one night of cooking on a sticky kitchen floor} before heading back to Costco Wednesday. The Pro version was very easy to install & I was able to quickly vacuum up our foyer & kitchen & steam away before Jason got home from work. I started on the first “dust” level for the foyer. I upp’d it to “mop” for the kitchen then the hardcore steam setting for the super dirty spots.

I was impressed how easy & effective it was. I love also that unlike when I usually had to *attempt* to corral Moe away from the wet floors, I’m not worried about him walking on them since it’s just water.

Capture the Everyday from Adventuroo