I’ve written this post in my head for a few days. Usually while driving, or in the shower, or in those .5 seconds right before you fall asleep so I couldn’t type or even write it out.

Monday I chose to not do an emo, dramatic, woah is me post & y’all can thank me for it. That’s not me & probably not what you come here to read. Instead I posted what was making me smile.

But to be fair to myself and so that I can look back {hopefully with a wee babe in my arms} to remember all the steps I went through fighting IF, here’s where I am. I started getting my period Sunday. Yes, 9 days after I O’d. Dr.P had advised us that my LP problems would be solved by the trigger shot & its hormones. They weren’t.

I gave myself Sunday night to be kinda sad {& get an extra scoop of Ben & Jerry’s}. Monday, I was kinda quiet & a little mopey. Jason was awesome kick starting me back to myself {my small group girls helped too}. Tuesday, I was ready to get this cycle started & called the RE. Off I went to their office Wednesday morning for another Wandy appointment. Everything looked good, so they called it day 3 of a new cycle {16 if you’re keeping track}.

The U/S tech recommended vitamin B6. Which if you remember, online {turned IRL} nurse friends had told me about months ago. I didn’t think it was working so I’d stopped {looking at my LPs though I think it actually had}, but I started taking those again Wednesday. Dr. P also prescribed progesterone supplements starting three days after this upcoming trigger shot {something I brought up last time & am very happy to be starting}.

So the meds I now take: start morning with thyroid pill, after lunch I take 100mg B6 & prenatal vitamin & with dinner I’m taking Femara {through Sunday}. Hopefully next Friday will be the trigger shot then I’ll add in the progesterone possibly the following Monday until I get my period or the long awaited BFP.

Do I wish our first medicated cycle had worked?! Hells yes. Am I shocked it didn’t? No, not really. But there’s comfort in knowing what to expect. I’m happy that I now know what to expect with Femara & Ovidrel. I’ve got my leggings washed & ready for the bloat. You know I’ll keep y’all updated.

Only three hours left of the giveaway!