So I was planning to do a wish list Wednesday post because I love reading them on others blogs. But since I did a little shopping/winning last night & today, I thought I’d share what’s on the way to me!

I won this diaper clutch from Bird E Studio by guessing what Erika was doing last night. {The answer was going to a quilting class!} I plan to use it as a clutch within my purse for now, but I think it’ll be awesome to have once I’m a mom too. Erika made it so that it perfectly fits 2 disposable diapers & a small wipes case.

I’ve been an admirer of all things Gussy for a while now. Maggie’s products are featured a few blogs I love, her blog & her products are so cool & she seems so sweet on twitter (she’s @gussysews). I signed up for her newsletter & received a 15% off coupon code this week. I was wearing a grey top today & I thought it was boring. I remembered she just mentioned these limited addition grey ruffle headbands recently that would be great with my outfit. She’d taken them down from the store, but after I tweeted her she put a few back up so I could buy one! How cute is this?! Later this afternoon, I went back to Gussy & was lusting over this precious umbrella clutch with the red ruffle. Red= perfect to take to NCSU football games! Well, my 15% of worked again & she gave me discounted shipping for 2 items, so I was sold!

I can’t wait to receive my fun new handmade products! I love supporting awesome ladies!

My other purchase today was thanks to a recommendation from World’s Best Cat Litter via twitter (@bestcatlitter) after I was kinda bitching last week about Moe & his litter situation. If you don’t remember from this post, I love the “greeness” of WBCL, that it’s flushable & that it’s made with corn so I don’t worry if Moe licks his paws after stepping through it. I was slack last week & didn’t clean the box very often. As a result, it was smelling & kinda cloughed up the toilet. Anyways, WBCL told me to try the multi cat clumping formula. I was so excited they wrote me back! I went to Petco for cat food & bought the multi cat litter (only $7.99 after using a $3 off coupon). I plan to add it into the existing litter this weekend.

In case anyone cares, I wasn’t given anything for making this post. I’m just sharing my excitement over these products.