I’ve eyed Woolzies dryer balls online & again at my local cloth diaper store. But something always held me back. {Typically my hands are full & pockets pretty empty!}

Our dryer is older, & we’ve tested it to the limits with a year of cloth diapering plus the added laundry of 2 babies. {Hello, 2 loads a night!}

We stopped using a bounce bar or dryer sheets when I started washing tiny newborn clothes. I’ve noticed recently, it takes an extra cycle to get it all dry & we’re getting some static issues.

So I was thrilled at the chance to receive a set of 6 XL Woolzies balls.
Woolzies Dryer Balls

I added them first into a dryer full load of our clothes {while I had post-tubes recovering Lucy at home all day}. And boom, 1 dry cycle later, they were done.

In case that was a fluke, I did a small load of cloth diapers that night & was thrilled to find they were 99% dry in 1 cycle {1 insert stuck in a cover was damp}.

We’ve kept the Woolzies in the dryer continuously since then & I’m hooked. Anything that makes my life easier {& a dreaded task quicker} is a win in my book.

In case you’re wondering, you can hear the balls if you’re listening for them. But they don’t make a significant noise over normal dryer noises & certainly not enough to outweigh their benefits.

Woolzies provided 6 XL dryer balls for purposes of this review. But all thoughts/opinions/photos shared are honestly my own.