As a working mom, I sometimes struggle to keep the balance on weekends. The balance of getting all.the.things done & having fun with my family.

I wrote about my working mom weekend experience on liberating working moms today. And I happened to put my words in action this weekend.

Saturday, I started laundry, got clothes out for this week & labor day weekend bag packed for the kiddos. Then we took off to a park & played & walked around a 2 mo lake followed by lunch out & a group Target run.

We took full advantage of a beautiful day & got home in time for the babes to take an epic afternoon nap while I read 11/22/63 & sold some of their outgrown clothes online.

Sunday, while J worked, my aunt & I took Lucy & Zach with us to church, had lunch at home, visited with friends who stopped by & played with their water table on the back deck. I stuffed diapers while Lucy napped beside me & while catching up with my aunt. Another day that was a perfect mix of getting {most of} my list done & soaking up all the fun with my toddlers.

How was your weekend? How do you manage to balance it all?