November 17th, today, is world prematurity day. I remember seeing preemie mom posts last year & reading the March of Dimes tweets of facts while I sat newly pregnant with multiples wondering where we’d be next year.

I’m so thankful that this November 17th arrived with two healthy babies sleeping the best they have in weeks. They were born six weeks early & are considered late preemies. But preemies no less.

Im thankful to the steroid shots I received at 32w1d & 32w2d right after Zach’s water broke. I help attribute those shots to the fact Zach’s lungs worked perfectly & that Lucy only spent one day on a bubble CPAP machine.

So many preemie parents are so nervous, afraid for their babies. I was calm. Anxious but calm. And thankful.

I’d dreamed of birthing my babies & having them immediately placed on me. I learned that wouldn’t happen with my preemies. I was lucky though. While Zach was whisked right off to the NICU, I held him & was able to put him to breast within ten hours of his birth. It would’ve been sooner, but I was busy laboring with Lucy for 8.5 of those hours. With Lucy, I held her for a minute in the birthing room then later that day in the NICU.

All the tubes & wires couldn’t keep us from getting & giving as many snuggles as possible. Hard to remember them this tiny & yet I know I’ll never forget.

Our little 4lb2oz Zach with his IV, feeding tube & monitoring wires on day two of life.

Our 6lb Lucy girl with her bubble CPAP, IV, feeding tube & monitoring wires on her day two.

Please check out & support March of Dimes & the WHO on the World Prematurity Day.