It’s one year ago tonight we were at the rehearsal dinner then we went to Giggling Mackerel on OIB. That was an awesome night ~ hanging out with out of town family and friends.Jason starts a new job tomorrow in the field that he’s been going to school for and we’re so excited! Bad part is that he also has class tomorrow night so I won’t see him at all on our anniversary. 🙁
We made dinner tonight for a little celebration and hope to go out to dinner to celebrate once he gets paid 🙂 My parents were in town this weekend for the NCSU game (I won’t even go there about how horrible both the game & the rain were!). My mom and I shopped some Saturday then went to church and to the farmers market today. We picked up tomatoes and sweet potatoes. The tomato we cut up for sandwiches and also in a dinner salad. We baked the sweet potatoes for dinner and they were awesome! I really don’t know why I’d never been to the farmers market before! Oh and we picked up fresh banana pudding from the restaurant. Oh wow~ it was amazing!