Two big things happened yesterday.

Lucy was officially diagnosed by our pediatrician as having Hand Foot Mouth. And an unrelated eye infection requiring antibiotic drops to boot. She’s handled the blisters & rashes on her feet, toes, ankles, bottom & fingers well. We haven’t seen any in her mouth, thankfully. She’d been fever free until last night when it spiked pretty high & it’s around 100 now. Poor girl. She’s getting lots of cuddles from me & her Pops.

Were also thankful that so far Zach hasn’t showed any symptoms of getting sick. My dad drove down Wed night to help since J had two big days at work yesterday & today. That’s been great, so I didn’t have to drag Lucy out while still taking Zach to & from daycare.

Our second discovery happened while getting Zach yesterday evening. He was finishing a bottle when I arrived, I burped him & as I was wiping away a little spit up, I realized a little spit up wasn’t wiping away on him bottom gum. Holy crap, y’all. To my surprise, he has a tooth! ! I knew there were buds down there but didn’t think it’d happen so soon. Nor did I notice any extra fussing from our super smiley lil guy. He’s shy about showing off his new tooth, but I was able to catch it {very blurrily} this morning to share.