Happy eight months {& two days}, Zacher!

Much like last month, a couple weeks of your seventh month were spent sick. Colds, pink eye, & RSV are not your friends. Thankfully both in VA & for almost the last week, you Pops was able to help take care of you. Pops & you are best buds. Snuggle partners during the day & night. If you can’t be held or with Mommy, your next favorite person is by far your Pops. It’s so cute to see little you with my big Dad.

And speaking of being little. We’re not trying to give you a complex calling you our Little Guy or Little Dude or Little Buddy. At 13 lbs 10.5 oz {as of your follow up doctor appointment Friday}, you are little. Your pediatrician said Wednesday that you’re boarder line in the 1 percentile. But you’re gaining weight & growing so they {& us} aren’t worried.

You get three 5 oz bottles of Mommy’s pumped milk at daycare & nurse with me once in the morning, usually twice in the evening & at least once overnight. We’ve been trying solids for a while & you’re still not a big fan. This month, we started taking purees into daycare to have Miss Ashton & Miss Mercedes feed you there as well. They seem to be having some successes that Mommy doesn’t always have.

Zach 8 mos + 1 day

We have slowly weeded out most all of your 3 month sized clothing. They were getting too short for your long legs. You fit nicely in 3-6 month Old Navy clothes & pjs; Gymboree 3-6 outfits & we’re transitioning you into Carter’s 6 months clothes.

You can still wear all the small & one sized cloth diapers. You’re still wearing size 2 Huggies naturals without issues overnight.

Oh overnight. You’ve been spoiled when sick by getting your way ~ sleeping in bed with Mommy or on the couch with Pops. You sleep so well cuddled next to your people. But transitioning you back into your crib is tough on you. We’re still working on that this week post-RSV. You’re sleeping in five-six hour stretches most nights which I’m so thankful for.

Our guess is that you might skip official crawling & go straight to walking. You love to sit independently & do a great job with it. We started putting a boppy behind you for support but we don’t have to do that anymore. You can & will go from sitting to on all fours & can move to get something you want. But 99% of the time, you’re content staying still {that is unless Sister tries to run you over}. You’ve begun pulling up on things {the exersaucer, play mat, me} & took steps multiple times last weekend while holding both your Cici & your Pops’ hands. I’m not ready for that Buddy!

I can’t wait to see what you’re being eight months brings us!