Ah! We’re closer to TWO than 1 or birth. Time both flies & it’s also hard to imagine life before this silly, sweet lil man joined us.

We’re really working on language with our boy. Zach still loves his pacis at home. But he’ll spit out giraffe or tiger long enough to say ball, bird, owl, duck, Mommy & Daddy, monk (for monkey), eat eat, tickle, shoes, this, that, Lucy & choo choo (for train). He makes this hilarious lil face when he ask what a dog says & he’ll do the smile & quietly say woof, woof.

He’s so sweet & attentive. When L’s having meltdowns he’ll go find her beloved bunny & bring it to her. Melts my heart. He has the coordinating NA Bear Co puppy he loves to hug on too.

Zach can be a little reserved, but if you say ‘dancing feet’, he’ll stop what he was doing & break into this jump/hop/wiggle/ running man kinda dance moves. It’s ridiculously cute. He loves toys that move- cars, big riding ones & little ones he can push, blocks he can stack & balls he can kick & throw.

Books though are still his favorite toys. This dog puppet book he carried everywhere for a couple days. Little Blue Truck is a stand by we don’t go a day without reading am & before bed.

And speaking of bed, Zach’s been our bed buddy for at least the last 6-8 weeks. Long enough that I’ve forgotten when. It started when he was sick then L was & we were tired & so tired of them waking each other up. So it made our life easier, after his last night sippy & falling asleep in our bed to just leave him there. When it wakes to nurse, I’m right there & we have dream-feeding down pat.

We had his 18 mo ped appointment on the 21st. Zach weighed into the 18th percentile at 21.8 pounds. He’s in the 14th percentile for height at 30.5″. Z bud is our little guy but he’s steadily gaining! The doctor was happy with him; Zach was happy til he got his flu shot! 🙂

Happy 18 mo to my favorite little boy!

(Z was not being so photogenic on the 21st. Will share other pics soon.)