Zach: Fifteen Months

Oh our little wild man! He is a hoot!

Zach has a hilarious personality. He still loves their big car & has discovered the fun of pushing this small toy car around the kitchen floor. In a room dull of toys though, in the evenings he’s just as likely to run around with a pillow than anything else. He’ll run, laugh & fall on it, pick himself back up & do it all again.

Zach 15 months

We spend hours reading each week as Zach loves books which he calls ‘ba’. He loves to point out each photo & says something kinda like ‘this’ as he’s doing it. Zach’s great at turning pages & flipping up or down the flaps in find baby or goodnight animal books.

He’s gotten into balls {which he also calls ba}. Zach loves to throw & fetch as well as kick. It’s so cute. He loves to nest our stacking cups & shake them around.

He has ten teeth & another {we hope for all our sakes!} about to break through. Four front, 4 back & his 2 top 12 month molars. It’s his bottom right 12 molar that’s kicking his ass right now.

Teething slows down his appetite a bit, but he’s typically a great eater at home & daycare. We’ve discovered he’s the only one in our family that’s a big fan of watermelon! He’s still doing great with sippy cups & the increasing amount of whole milk {up to 2.5 oz out of the 5.5oz}.

Zach getting big {at least big for him}! We’re slowly removing the 9 mo outfits from his closet & filling them with 12 month ones for the rest of summer & fall. He’s tall enough that all shortalls must already 12 mo sized & as do pjs.

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