Our Zach has had a cold/runny nose/cough for weeks now thanks to daycare. But you’d never know it by his near constant smile. Tongue out, wide gummy grin. He’s beginning to be more vocal now too. Zach has a softer voice than Lucy, but its worth listening closely for, as are his giggles. He’s quite willing to smile at everyone. And bat those to-die-for lashes. He’s going to be quite the lady killer.

Zach loves to be held. He will look around constantly taking everything in. He’ll only lay his head down on you when he’s sleepy. Standing is his favorite activity. He’ll do squats like he might be a future weight lifter. 🙂 He’s great at reverse push ups during tummy time but hasn’t yet figured out how to roll from back to belly or vice versa.

Zach is our night owl & has been sleeping in the rock-n-play in our room. It sits him up which helps him breath through the sniffles better. He won’t nap in a crib at daycare either. He crashes on the floor or swing or this turtle thing for hours long naps.

He’s continued to wake about every 4-5 hours to nurse. Our breastfeeding relationship is still going well. He usually finishes his 4 oz bottles for daycare but sometimes leaves an ounce behind. He’s still taking zantac morning & evening for reflux which seems to really help.

Zach is in 0-3 or 3 mo clothes. Carter’s fits him well because he’s still a narrow lil dude. We’re guessing he’s around 12 pounds. He can still wear the kissaluv size 0 fitteds & XS covers although he’s in AIO or pocket cloth diapers at daycare. Overnight he’s still fitting in size 1 Huggies naturals.