Zachy poo is still our little guy. At his four month appt this week, we learned he’s still not quite on the growth charts for weight for his age. Our pediatrician isn’t concerned since he’s gaining weight well & following his own growth curve. Zach now weighs 11lb 7oz {which is almost triple his birth weight}. He did make the chart for height though! At 23.5 inches, he’s around the 15th percentile. Definitely our lil bean pole.

We’ll continue to fortify his pumped breastmilk bottles for daycare with a teaspoon of preemie formula. He’s taking bottles fairly well for daycare. We feel like his reflux is getting better but daycare has laughingly mentioned him being a lil high maintenance {we think due to him taking breaks & needing to be burped multiple times a feeding}. Our breastfeeding relationship has been awesome lately. He’s doing great there.

Zach loves his wubbanub. So much so that we’ve recently bought back ups. So now he has a tiger & a monkey to suck on. You’ll be pressed to find a photo of him where the wubba isn’t close by.

He goes down great around 8-10p & likes to sleep on his side.  Zach’s yet to completely sleep through the night, but for the most part, I’ve gotten to enjoy he & I’s quiet time nursing around 330a. We’ve gotten it down pat: disposable diaper change, nursing, him sitting up/burping while I pump, then both of us back to sleep for another hour or two or three {my dream!}.

Zach is our tummy time champ. With a boppy under him, he’s holding his head & chest up looking around. He likes the bouncy seat, play mat & the little swings at daycare too. But his teachers say & we know that he likes to be held best. And with his gummy tongue out smile or tiny pouty lip & batting those long eyelashes, we will gladly plop him in our laps or next to us in a boppy. Or his favorite is standing & squatting while we hold him up. The doctor was impressed with this development skill of his.

I recently gave up squeezing him into NB clothes & packed those up for his two sets of to-be twin boy friends. He’s now wearing 0-3 clothes well, Carters skinny 3 month fit great & he’s growing into some 3-6 outfits of which onesies can act like shorts too.

We’ve kept Zach in Huggies Natural diapers at night but he wears cloth diapers during the day. Skinny sized AppleCheeks diapers {review to come soon!} & our two Itti Bitti diapers fit our lil guy so well.